The following policy applies to any Y&T Sound CheckXperience event purchase placed on the Y&T website store. This policy is subject to our Terms of Use, which is incorporated by this reference.

In addition, your attendance at a Y&T Sound CheckXperience event may be subject to additional terms or restrictions of the venue, promoter, or Y&T staff.

Y&T and/or the venue and/or the promoter reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. If your past or present behavior at an event is deemed inappropriate by Y&T staff, the promoter, or venue staff, we reserve the right to cancel your order at any time, with or without a refund and we reserve the right to remove your ability to place future orders for these services.




All Y&T Sound CheckXperience sales placed through the Y&T website store are final. We are unable to upgrade, refund, transfer, or exchange any order once it has been confirmed, so please be sure you have selected the proper event location prior to completing your order. Once Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets are issued, they will not be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.

Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets are sold subject to our absolute right to alter or vary the contents without any obligation to make a refund. However, if the package, or any part of the package, is materially altered from the pre-planned package, we may make reasonable efforts to provide a suitable alternative.



Once an order has been placed, name changes are not allowed.



If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm whether or not your order has been placed successfully. Check your spam folder for a confirmation from sales[at]meniketti[dot]com and if you do not receive the confirmation email in your inbox (or spam folder) within 10 minutes of your order you can send an inquiry to sales[at]meniketti[dot]com.

We are not responsible for outdated information in your order at the time of purchase. Your order information is sent to us as it was received by the point of purchase. We will contact you via email regarding your Y&T Sound CheckXperience check-in time, photos, or any update to your order. We will not ship anything to you that is needed to attend the Y&T Sound CheckXperience.



No physical ticket will be mailed; your emailed receipt serves as your ticket(s).

To attend a Y&T Sound CheckXperience, the attendee must check in with a coordinator on the day of the show in order to gain entry. You will need to provide photo identification of the person listed at the time the order was placed.

Y&T Sound CheckXperience check-in times are generally confirmed within two (2) days of the show. Times vary from early in the day to early evening at the discretion of the tour. Typically 24-48 hours before the scheduled check-in time, Y&T Sound CheckXperience check-in information is emailed to the email address used to place the order. We are not responsible for emails that are not received for any reason. You are responsible for knowing when to check-in for your event. Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets are not refundable if you are unavailable at check-in time and/or miss the event for any reason.

You are responsible for checking in at the time indicated in your Y&T Sound CheckXperience email. If you are late or you miss the Y&T Sound CheckXperience check-in, we can’t guarantee that you will be able to participate in any part of the Y&T Sound CheckXperience event or get the physical goods that came with your package.

Any Y&T Sound CheckXperience that includes a photo with the artist may be displayed online or used for promotional use at our sole discretion. Please be aware that your photo may be made public.

Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, we reserve the right to change Y&T Sound CheckXperience product options without notice. On occasion, technical and other problems may delay or prevent delivery of a particular product which may cause us to change out an item.

If you need special accommodations (e.g., mobility disability), then no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the Y&T Sound CheckXperience, you agree that it is your responsibility to notify us via email with your accommodation request and the reason for such request. You acknowledge that Y&T neither owns nor controls the venue where the Y&T Sound CheckXperience is being held, but that Y&T will make good faith efforts to try to accommodate all legitimate and necessary requests. You acknowledge that Y&T seeks to work solely with those venues that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but that Y&T cannot guarantee that such venues are always acting in strict accordance with the ADA.



Though not common, show cancellations can happen for various reasons, such as venue or promoter issues or an act of God. Should such a cancellation occur, Y&T will issue you a refund for your Y&T Sound CheckXperience purchase.

In such case, when we issue a refund to you, we will refund the price that you paid for your Y&T Sound CheckXperience ticket. Service fees, processing fees, and any other fees are not refundable. If you paid in a currency other than USD, due to exchange rates, you may receive a different dollar amount than the price you paid if your Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets are canceled and refunded. If you no longer have access to your original method of payment, we will work with you to refund you by check, Paypal, or wire, depending on your location. No refunds will be made in cash.

If a show has been postponed, your Y&T Sound CheckXperience ticket will be honored on the new date.



Service fees may be added to Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets. These fees may be built into the price displayed prior to adding the Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets to your cart or they may be added to the price upon checkout.



If the amount you pay for a Y&T Sound CheckXperience ticket is obviously incorrect, regardless of whether it is an error in a price posted on this website or otherwise communicated to you, or if you are somehow able to order a Y&T Sound CheckXperience ticket before its scheduled on-sale date, then we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel your order and refund to you the amount that you paid. This policy will apply regardless of how the error occurred.



You understand that the resale of Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets may be subject to state and local laws and regulations. Any violation of such laws may result in your prosecution by such agencies. Y&T assumes no liability arising from your resale or attempted resale of Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets purchased through us.

If you are found to be reselling, trading, or brokering Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets that you purchased through this site, we may, at our sole discretion, cancel your order and/or all other pending orders in your name. This cancellation will result in a refund of the face value ticket price. Related and/or future purchases may be subject to further review.



Please note that when purchasing any item on the Y&T website store, we are not responsible for any mechanical, technical or human error during the checkout process.



Y&T Sound CheckXperience ticket availability is subject to change. Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. We reserve the right not to create new Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets if our inventory sells out. Tickets may be “locked” (not available) for a short time while customers complete their purchase. If a customer does not complete his or her purchase, previously locked tickets are released and made available for purchase. For these reasons and others, the tickets available for a given Y&T Sound CheckXperience event can and do change rapidly. If you are unable to find tickets to an event, please check back again. Once your purchase has been completed, however, we are not able to exchange or refund your order even if additional tickets become available later.



From time to time, Y&T may advertise upcoming events and the date on which tickets are expected to become available for purchase. These “on sale” dates are tentative and subject to change without notice at any time by the affiliate or artist arranging ticketing for the event. Furthermore, in events where we provide a pre-sale code, we are not responsible for the functionality of the webstore on which those codes are to be used.



In an effort to give all interested customers an opportunity to purchase Y&T Sound CheckXperience tickets, there may be set limits on the number of tickets that one customer or household is allowed to purchase. You will be advised of any limits on tickets by a posting on the Y&T Sound CheckXperience ticket purchase page for the event, or by a system limitation on the number of tickets you may purchase during your online session. Tickets purchased for an event during multiple online sessions on our website store are totaled to ensure that any ticket limitations are not exceeded. When customers exceed these limits, their orders may not be fulfilled.