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Mean Streak
Straight Thru The Heart
Lonely Side of Town
Midnight In Tokyo
Breaking Away
Hang ‘Em High
Take You To The Limit
Sentimental Fool
Down & Dirty
I’m Not Sorry (Bonus Track)

This CD was carefully digitally re-mastered in 2005 at a high sampling rate directly from the digital master tape. This new CD sounds closer to the actual digital master tape than any version available. This is not an over compressed, EQ’d and hard sounding product like many re-mastered CDs – just loud, clear, dynamic and accurate to the original tapes!

Along with the original songs, there is an additional BONUS TRACK that was taken right from the 24-track master reel from the Black Tiger recording sessions & finished in 2005 with new lyrics vocals, guitar solo and then remixed.


meniketti solo